Nominate Yourself to Run for Office!

One reason why there are not enough women running for public office is because women are not encouraged to run by family members, friends, and colleagues. The number of women in government is already low, but the number of Latinas in government is even lower. Another reason is that women are more likely to doubt themselves and their capabilities when it comes to pursuing leadership roles such as elected office.

Take action and nominate yourself to run for office! Briefly tell me why you think you’re a great fit and I will send you resources to VoteRunLead and LatinasRepresent to help get her started in her journey to elected office!

Click here to nominate yourself to run for office! Do it!

**The #INominate #YoNomino project is aimed at encouraging more Latinas to seek public leadership positions. It is not intended to be and should not be construed as an “endorsement” by Barnard College, The Athena Leadership Program, VoteRunLead, LatinasRepresent or any of our allies. Barnard College, VoteRunLead and LatinasRepresent are all non-partisan 501(c)(3) entities.